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Biomedical Physio & Kines
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Leah Esplen

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Unit 1 Chapter 2 NotesChapter 2 Nutrition Guidelines and AssessmentPlanning how you will eatMyPyramid Food guidance system and Exchange lists are 2 common comprehensive toolsThese 2 different tools rely on the same core nutrition concepts Adequacy balance calories energy control nutrient density moderation and varietyAdequacyChoosing the food you eat that will provide all of the essential nutrients fibre and energy in amounts sufficient to support growth and maintain healthImportant benefits by keeping having an adequate diet normal growth and development of children health promotion for people of all ages and reduction of risk for aof chronic diseases Balance A healthful diet requires a balance of food groups grains vegetables fruits oil milk meat and beans energy sources carbs proteins and fat and other nutrientsvitamins and minerals You diet is balanced if the amount of energycalories you eat equals the amount of energy you expend in daily activities and exercisesCalorie Control Formula for weight maintenance if you eat the same amount of calories that you use each day your weight will stay the sameNutrient DensityNutrient Denisty A description of the healthfulness of foods Foods high in nutrient density are those that provide substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals and relatively few calories foods low in nutrient density are those that supply calories but relatively smallamounts of vitamins and mineralsor none at allNutrient density of food provides a clue to how healthy a food is Determining how many calories your body uses each day and how to manipulate your calorie expenditure to reach certain health goalsIf food is high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals we say that the food is less nutrient densefoods with little no added sugar or fat are high nutrientdense food choices
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