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Chapter Article for L14

NUTR480 Chapter Article for L14: Cause, Treatment and Prevention of Disordered Eating

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Heidi Bates

NUFS 380 – Eating Disorders: how do we get there, treat and prevent? How Do We Get There? It is a complicated path to get to these complications. Some that stand out are the biological factors because there are genetic predispositions. The psychological factors can include stress from family situations or perfectionism. Puberty can be a trigger because of the major changes that come about. Especially, for sports where a developed body is not the ideal there can be fear of maturing. There can be social influences and media pressure that feeds into the development of unhealthy behaviors. In athletes, we aren’t sure what piece plays into the increased risk however the numbers suggest there is an increase. What is the Treatment? This is not as simple as the individual needs to take in more calories. It is much more complex than that. A multi-professional approach is most effective. This can include a mental health professional, coach and/or family plus a dietician. It is also very important that the family or spouse understand the condi
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