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Chapter 3

FRHD 2040 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Fire Extinguisher, Woodworking

Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 2040
Triciavan Rhijn

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Program Design for Children
Chapter 3
Planning a Learning Environment:
First task is planning the physical space of the classroom
o Can decide on basic learning areas to be set up, basic materials to be
used and the initial room arrangement
o Other decisions must be made after teacher and children become
o Planning is continual cycle of making and implementing plans,
observing, evaluating effectiveness of plan
Decisions you make about room arrangements and instructional materials
and equipment will reflect your goals and expectations for the children
General goals of programs include helping children:
o Learn that they are capable learners, they can make choices and that
their ideas are respected
o Learn and apply skills in a meaningful context
o Explore a variety of materials
o Become able to communicate their needs and feelings
o Learn to use and appreciate many sources of info:
Printed materials
Visual materials
o Become able to express themselves creatively
Structuring the Physical Environment:
Always address the needs of the children once they’re working in a
Furniture must be of appropriate size for children and easy to rearrange to
meet changing classroom needs
Flexible furniture (tables/chairs/shelves on wheels)
Room Arrangement:
o The way furniture and the way the room looks communicates to
children what they’re expected to do and how expected to behave
o As environment quality decreased, number of rules imposed by adults
and amount of conflicts among children increased
o First consideration is locations of electrical outlets outlets that
require electricity must be near outlets
o Guidelines for Arrangement:
Space must accommodate multiple uses, serve more than one
Areas in which water is used should be as close to water supply
as possible
Quiet areas should be close together so kids who want to work
quietly can do so
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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