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Pre-Lab 2 A Solventless Adol Reaction | Green Chem in Action.docx

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A Solventless Aldol ReactionGreen Chemistry in Action May 16 2012 HAZARDS TABLE OF REAGENTS Chemical NameMolecularPhysical Appearancebp Molecular WeightDensityHazards Structural Formulamp Solubility 3 4dimethoxybenzaldehyde 99 Offwhite yellow solid MW16617 gmol Eye skin GI respiratory irritantC9H10O3 bp281 C Solubility Solublemp4043 C DensityNot available 1indanone C9H8O Pale yellow liquid MW13216 gmol Eye skin GI respiratory irritant bp243245 C Density1103 gmL at 25 C mp3840 C Water Solubility65 gL 20 C Fp233 F 8Sodium hydroxide NaOH Nonflammable Soluble in water at room Skin contact corrosive irritant permeator Eye Odorless colorless temperature soluble in RCO2H contact corrosive irritant GI respiratory irritant solution phenols enols7Hydrochloric acid Nonflammable Colorless Soluble in water and diethyl ether Skin contact corrosive irritant permeator Eye HCl to light yellow liquid Vapor density1267 contact corrosive irritant Respiratory tract acidic Pungentirritant bp10858 Cmp6225 C4Ethanol Colorless clear liquid MW460414 gmol Flammable liquid and vapor Eye skin and C2H5OH Winelike odorVapor Density159 respiratory tract irritantbp78 C SolubilityMisciblemp1141 CCheryl Lee 100191898
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