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Chapter 11

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ADM 3326 Chapter 11Broadcast MediaTelevisionIt has often been said that television is the ideas advertising medium Its ability to combine visual images sound motion and colour presents a world of opportunity for creative and imaginative marketers TV has numerous strengths including creativity target audience coverage cost efficiency attention scheduling flexibility geographic coverage reach frequency and media image Strengths of TelevisionCreativity for Cognitive and Emotional ResponsesoPerhaps the greatest advantage of TV is the opportunity it provides for presenting the advertising messageoThe interaction of sight sound and motion offer a ton of creative flexibilityTarget Audience CoverageoTV advertising makes it possible to reach large audiences oNearly everyone regardless of age sex income or education level watches at least some TV Cost EfficiencyoCompared to many other media the relative cost to reach individuals by television is reasonable affordableCost per thousandAttentionoTV is basically intrusive in that commercial impose themselves on us as we watch TV oUnless we make a special effort to avoid a commercial we are exposed to thousands of them monthly oFun fact Consumers watching their favorite show pay more attention to the program and as a result advertisingScheduling FlexibilityoSome selectivity is possible due to the variations in the composition of audiences as a result of broadcast time and program content Geographic CoverageoAdvertisers can also adjust their media strategies to take advantage of different geographic markets through spot ads in specific market areas oAdvertisements can be run frequently in favorable markets Reach
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