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Genevieve Dewar

Ch 8 Managing Human ResourcesFoundations of Human Resource Managemento Human resource management activities devoted to building and maintaining an effective workforce Becoming increasingly importanto Poor planning results in inefficiency Eg hiring followed by layoffs employees must be attracted kept and motivatedHuman Resource planningJob AnalysisJob description list of duties and working conditionsJob specifications list of credentials needed for the jobForecasting demand and supply of labourForecasting internal supply number and type of employees needed in the future o Replacement charts lists important positions who occupies it expected time of occupation and potential replacementso Skills inventories catalogue of employees listing skills experience education etc To quickly locate qualified employees Forecasting external supply number available for hiringMatching HR Supply and Demand if shortfall is predicted new employees can be hired or present ones retained Temporary employees add to flexibility and allow organization to adaptStaffing The Organization Recruiting to attract qualified applicantso Internal recruiting present employees are candidates promotion o External recruiting attracting outsiders Job fairs allow facetoface interaction InternshipsSelecting Human ResourcesValidation The predictive value of information gathered through candidate screening Candidates are screened through Application Forms Job related demographic data should not contain unrelated questions sources for discrimination Good for preinterview familiarizationTests knowledge relevant to the job or general intelligence test Tests should be validated frequently o All scoring and administration must be consistentInterviews sometimes poor predictor of jobs success due to biases i Structured interviews for lowerlevel positions ensure consistencyii Interviews for higherlevel positions are tailored more to candidates own experience iii Curveball questions asked to see how well candidates think on feetOther techniques polygraph tests and testing anything not directly related to job
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