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Feeding Desire Chapter Notes and Key Points

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Maggie Cummings

Feeding Desire Plumpness = culturally associated w health vs illness; (obesity and fat is a negative connotation) p.5 Prologue : There is More to Beauty than Meets the Eye Fijians and Jamaicans fat is an indication of healthvitality p.1 and social network. Women work to maintain the folds of aft around their stomach, Arabs: good, moist fat vs bad, dry fat fleshy behinds, and strecthmarks on every limb. The goal , especially for women, is a look of plump ripeness. Ideal of beauty as a window into cultural world A plump body indicates happiness, beauty and sexual appeal (Egypt) Associations with oppression of women w eating disorders; as a result of mediamale fantasies. Certain plumpness of females is appropriate for all life stages. These ideals persist not primarily bc of their imposition by the p.6 a powerful few or by forces extrinsic to the individuals held in their sway, but bc they are deeply imbedded in wider cultural For Moors, the meaning of female fatness resonate w those values and social structures. found in other societies that value plumpness, with primary emphasis on beauty, sexiness, and womanliness and social p.2 status. Moors are remarkable, however, in that fattening begins so young, goes on for sol long and is in fact the central Investment in achievement contributes to identity, well-being preoccupation of womens lives alongside childbearing, child and honor rearing. And being good Muslims. The fruits of mans labour are invested in passive female p.7 bodies. Women look as little as men as possible. (West, women masculine ; equality) deeply and successfully, the female body form encapsulates much that is utterly taken for granted by, and utterly dear to members of this society; because it is beautiful p.3 Competition extremes. If Fattenings centrality to the culture was proclaimed by looking plump is attractive, womens every mouthful, but was relatively absent in the daily convos of women, men and children. looking a little plumper than the woman in then next tent will be considered an p.8 REFER TO THIS P. JUICY advantage. Fat is sexy, and sex is not something on talks about openly in When thinfat bodies the Azawagh. become a sign of status, our Womens bodies should be closed, still, and wet on the inside natural aesthetic instincts to by dry on the outside see beauty in what is average are overridden. (class- stratified Wets: cheap food = fat; fit = cost) 1: Coming into the Azawagh p. 13 Arabsfood consumption and resistance to movement > elite women distanced from The landscape against which Arab women pack their bodies until overflowing with plentiful, moist fat and veiled folds of low castes. allure exhibits anything but those bountiful traits to the p.4 outsider .desolate, flat semi-desertsparse grass. Terrain that they consider Earths basic form is rich and diversedunes www.notesolution.com
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