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Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Chapter 9 Measles
·origin is unknown, Rhazes (900AD)
thought they came from same cause
·Prevailing theor y: red rash represented the mother’s menstrual blood that
accumulates in womb
·disease was welcomed “for children to rid of the s o-called poison”
·fever and the 3 Cs (coryza, cough, conjunctivitis)
·Koplik’s spots, sore throat
·rash (face, neck), lesions (trunk, extremities)
·droplets and direct contact (from 4 days before until 4 days after rash appears)
·highly contagious, human are only host, dependent on a human reservoir
·good hydration, good nutrition
·vitamin A
·lifelong immunity from previous infections
·infants protected if mother had measles during pregnancy
·weakened (attenuated) virus as effective vaccine vaccine
·combination with mumps and rubella (MMP)
·vaccine is both heat and light sensitive
·2 doses of the vaccine
s: paramyxovirusgroup of viruses contain RNA, infects respiratory epithelium
Thomas Sydenhams
·fist to clearly separate measles from small pox
·recognized complications: cancrum oris and encephalitis
Francis Home:
·demonstrated the infective nature of measles, can be transmission by blood
·geographic location ideal for epidemiological study: isolated islands

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Chapter 9 MeaslesHistory origin is unknown Rhazes 900ADthought they came from same causePrevailing theory red rash represented the mothers menstrual blood that accumulates in wombdisease was welcomed for children to rid of the socalled poisonSymptomsfever and the 3 Cs coryza cough conjunctivitisphotophobiaKopliks spots sore throatrash face neck lesions trunk extremitiesTransmissiondroplets and direct contact from 4 days before until 4 days after rash appearshighly contagious human are only host dependent on a human reservoirTreatmentgood hydration good nutritionvitamin AantibioticsQuarantineVacci
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