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Management (MGH)
Anna Nagy

MGTB27 Chapter 1: Organizational Behaviour and Management Organization: social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort  Social inventions: understanding people and managing them to work effectively  Goal Accomplishment: how organization can survive and adapt to change o Motivated to join and remain in organization o Work reliably  productivity, quality, service o Willing to learn and upgrade knowledge and skills o Flexible and innovative  Group effort: how to get people to practice teamwork Organizational Behaviour: the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organization  Important to all people related to the business  Achieve a competitive advantage  Based on informed opinion and systematic study Goals of Organizational Behaviour  Predicting o Regular behaviour allows prediction o Systematic study provides scientific foundation  Explaining o Accurate prediction precedes explanation o Behaviour have multiple causes o Underlying causes may change overtime  Managing o Managing  the art of getting things accomplished in organization through others o Behaviour must be controlled or managed o Prediction and explanation constitute analysis, then management constitutes action Early Prescriptions Concerning Management  The Classical View and Bureaucracy o Classical viewpoint  advocated high specialization of labour, intensive coordination, and centralized decision making o Frederick Taylor  Father of Scientific Management  Use research to determine the optimum degree of specialization and standardization of work tasks o Max Weber  German Social Theorist  Bureaucracy: ideal type of organization that included a strict chain of command, detai
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