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Management (MGH)
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MGTB27 01 Week 2 Chapter 3: Perception, Attribution, and Diversity (pg. 71 101) - ,3,,!489L843041,3,,8945 025O40788L3.0L9K,8,diverse workforce and encourages the recruitment of 4 designated groups: women, members of visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities What is Perception? - Perception is the process of interpreting the messages of our sense to provide order and meaning to the environment - Perception interpretshelps sort out and organize the complex and varied input received by our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing - People often base actions on the interpretation of reality that their perceptual system provides rather than on reality itself (e.g. what you think of the situation) Components of Perception - Perception has three components: perceiver, target being perceived, and situation - Each of the component influences the perceivers impression or interpretation of the target The Perceiver - The perceiver80[507L03.03008,30249L438.,3,110.9KL8 K07507.059L4341,9,7J09 - Experience is the most important since past experiences lead the perceiver to develop expectations, and these expectations affect current perceptions o Caucasian men are less likely to perceive race or gender barriers to promotion - Our motivational state can unconsciously influence our perceptions by causing us to perceive what we wish to perceive o !045O0057L;0411442,80024700L-O09KL3J8L3,2-LJ:4:85L.9:708 - Emotional state such as anger, happiness, or fear can influence our perception o Employee is so happy because she got a promotion but fails to notice how upset her co-worker is because he was not the one promoted - Perceptual defence is the tendency for the perceptual system to defend the perceiver ,J,L389:35O0,8,390249L438 0 J 800ZK,9Z0Z,3994800 K0,7ZK,9Z0Z,3994K0,7 The Target - Perception involves interpretation and the addition of meaning to the target and ambiguous targets are especially inclined to interpretation and addition - Providing more information about the target will not improve perceptual accuracy o Assigning a minority worker to a prejudiced manager may not improve the 2,3,J0785erception of their true abilities o Writing clearer memos may not always get the message across The Situation - Every instance of perception occurs in some situational context and this can affect what one perceives o A casual critical comment about your performance from your boss the week before she is to decide whether or not to promote you will be perceived different if you were not up for promotion (different situational contexts) Social Identity Theory - Social identity theory is a theory that states that people form perceptions of themselves based on their characteristics and memberships in social categories. As a result, our sense of self is composed of personal identity and social identity - Personal identity: based on our unique personal characteristics (e.g. interests, abilities) www.notesolution.com
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