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MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes -Human Relations Movement, Hawthorne Effect, Human Resource Management

Management (MGH)
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Xuefeng Liu

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CH.1 Notes
Social invention for accomplishing common goals through group effort
Social invention
- Their essential characteristic is the coordinated presence of people
- Field of OB is about understanding people and managing them to work effectively
Goal accomplishment
- Virtually all organization have survival as a goal
- The field of OB is concerned with how organization can survive and adapt to changes
Group effort
- Organizations depend on interaction and coordination among people to accomplish their
- The field of OB is concerned with how to get people to practice effective teamwork
Organizational behavior
The attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations
- We study these attitudes and behaviors and provide insight about effectively managing and
changing them
- Also studies how organizations can be structured more effectively and how events in their
external environments affect organizations.
- How does the culture of an organization play its role
- How do employees learn and what is the role of training and career planning?
- How do we motivate employees?
- How should manager communicate to employees?
Goals of organizational behavior
Predicting OB
- Predicting when or what will happen
Explaining OB
- OB is especially interested in determining why people are more or less motivated, satisfied,
or prone to resign.
Managing OB
- Management is defined as the art of getting things accomplished in organizations through
- Managers acquire, allocate, and utilize physical and human resources to accomplish goals
- If behavior can be predicted and explained, it can often be controlled or managed
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