MGMA01H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Competitive Intelligence

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22 Dec 2010

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competitors can be identified as other organizations that are directly competing in the sense that they are targeting the same class or organizations that are providing essentially the same service (ritz- Identifying competitors" strategies www. notesolution. com: strategic group a group of firms in an industry following the same or a similar strategy in a given target market. If the company"s offering delivers greater value by exceeding the competitor"s offering on important attributes, the company can charge a higher price and earn higher profits, or it can charge the same price and gain more market share. finding uncontested market spaces: called a blue ocean strategy, creating something new where the product differentiates itself where new market space is discovered i. e. cirque du soleil, designing a competitive intelligence system www. notesolution. com. all the information above has to be collected, interpreted, distributed, and used.