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Chapter 47

Physiology of Nerurons chapter 47
Physiology of Nerurons chapter 47

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Janelle Leboutillier

9905General Psychological Goal to understand human behaviour to be able to predict future behaviour through observations and experimentsNotice departures from observation to explanationstth1 Experiment Psamtik I of Egypt 7 Century BC assumption was that there was an inborn primal language that children would speak if they werent exposed to native languages however children can babble any syllables until they are about 9 months oldthen they have heard a language long enough that the other sounds and words drop out of their vocabularyPsychologys mission to figure out how humans behave and why they behave the way they do human behaviour is a result of interaction with the external and internal worldSensation how does external environment influence human behaviourPerception how is data interpreted How do experiences influence interpretation of dataMotivation thirst sleep sex hunger threatLearning classical and operant conditioningMemory biological basis of memory information processing disorders memory amnestic fugue Burt Tate completely forgot who he wasCognitive thinking information streams from 5 senses logical thinking or notDissonance Theory Eliot Aronson trying to up statistics on safe sexCondition 1 speech to peers on importance of safe sexCondition 2 written conditions to changeCondition 3 mindful of past misdeedsCondition 4 information on safe sex readStudents who had to give a speech to their peers had it conflict with the fact that they werent practicing safe sexThey want to think theyre a person of integrity so they have to change something and theyll tend to change their sex practicesConcept can be used to explain Holocaust My Lai Massacre and Abu GraibKitty Genovese stabbed to death over 35 minutes while 38 people watched the crime but nobody helpedSamuel Barbers Adagio for Strings 1938 was studied because of the chill effect it has on people12905Two main questions in psychologyNature v NurtureNature human nature is the product of innate tendenciesNurture human nature is the product of upbringing and experiencesMindBody ConundrumDualistic rationalism concepts of soulmind are more real that the concepts of bodyEmpiricism all knowledge comes through the body from sensory experiencesEmergence of mindthBefore 7 Century BC behaviour was believed to be caused by Godgodsth7 Century BC Sappho Greece was the first to believe that behaviour was caused by the mindth6 Century BCBuddha human thinking is imperative to understanding actionsConfucius the power of thought is in oneselfSolonThales know thyselfth4 Century BC ConjecturersSocrates knowledge exists but must be recoveredPlato perception is unreliable and doesnt lead to knowledgeAristotle perceptions are raw knowledge ancestor of the Empiricists and behaviouristsKept Aristotle alive while his writings were banned by the churchAugustine believed that the mind is influenced by the proportion of bodily fluidsThomas Aquinas reconciled Christian principles with Aristotles teachingsDescartes returned to Platonism I think therefore I amJohn Locke tabula rasa based on the principle of nurture picked up on Aquinas and therefore Aristotle as wellDavid Hume learn through association resemblence and contiguityField Differentiation Physicalists Mesmer Muller Weber American Psychology William James Depth Psychology Sigmund Freud Carl Jung Measurers Galton Binet Behaviourists Pavlov Watson Thorndike Skinner Gestaltists Personality Theorists Developmentalists Social Psychologists Perception Psychologists Motivation
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