Chapter 5 Notes - Part Three

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18 Dec 2010
380nm light = violet: 760 nm = red
Wavelength of visible light (range)
All other radiant energy is invisible to our eyes
Ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, and gamma rays have shorter wavelengths than visible light
Infrared radiation, radar, and radio waves have longer wavelengths
Electromagnetic spectrum: entire range of wavelengths
Visible spectrum: part of our eyes can detect; the part we see as light
Cornea: transparent tissue covering the front of the eye: admits light
Sclera: tough outer layer of the eye that coats the rest of the eye: the white of the eye
Iris: consists of 2 bands of muscles that control the amount of light admitted into the eye
The brain controls these muscles and thus regulates the size of the pupil, constricting it in
bright light and dilating it in dim light.
Aqueous humour: the space immediately behind the cornea; means ‘watery fluid
Produced by tissue behind the cornea that filters the fluid from the blood
Nourishes the cornea and other portions of the front of the eye (fluid must circulate and be
If aqueous humour is produced too quickly or if the passage that returns it to the blood
becomes blocked, the pressure within the eye can increase and cause damage to vision ->
Lens: transparent organ situated behind the iris of the eye; helps focus an image on the
The curvature of the cornea and the lens causes images to be focused on the inner surface of
the back of the eye
Lens -> because it must remain transparent, the lens contains no blood vessels and is
therefore functionally dead tissue
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