PSYB30H3 Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Background: Persons, Human Nature, and Culture

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17 Jan 2012

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neuroticism y the big five traits (ocean) sketch the outline of the person. Filling in the details: characteristic adaptations y trait attributions are useful because they tell us about trends in behavior over time and across different situations, settings, and context. cognition and personality y the role of cognitive factors in human individuality y example: personal constructs, beliefs, values, expectancies, schemas and cognitive styles. developmental y focusing on the evolution of the self and its relationships with others from birth to old age y developmental theories address questions of stages, pathways, and developmental tasks in psychological individuality. the first step in developing a scientific understanding of anything is to look at, listen to, feel, smell, and/or taste the thing we want to understand. this is done by observing the phenomenon over a long period of time.