Chapter 16: Antecedent Control Procedures

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22 Apr 2011

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B45: Behaviour Modification
Chapter 16: Antecedent Control Procedures
Antecedent control procedures- antecedent stimuli are manipulated to evoke desirable behaviours, so that they
can be differentially reinforced, and to decrease undesireable behaviours that interfere with the desirable
Six different antecedent control procedures.
1)Presenting the Discriminative Stimulus (SD) or Cues for the Desired Behaviour.
One reason a desirable behaviour may not occur often is that the SD for the behaviour are not
present in the persons environment.
oDiscriminative stimulus (SD) is something that is presented to reinforce a desired behaviour.
oEx. The SD for eating healthy foods is the presence of healthy foods in the kitchen. If they
are not present, the person is less likely to eat/or go out and get them.
2)Arranging Establishing Operations for the Desirable Behaviour.
An establishing operation is an environmental event or biological condition that changes the value
of a stimulus as a reinforcer.
One way to make a desirable behaviour more likely to occur is to arrange an establishing operation
for the outcome of the behaviour.
Ex. Going without food for a day is an establishing operation that makes food more reinforcing and
therefore evokes the behaviours of getting and eating food.
Ex. Parents can create an establishing operation to make their child go to bed on time (prevent him
from napping during the day because he stays up at night) by keeping him occupied throughout the
day until super time so they are making sleep more desirable at the end of the day.
3)Decreasing Response Effort for the Desirable Behaviour.
Arrange antecedent conditions such that less effort is needed to engage in the behaviour
Ex. If you like Coke and Pepsi equally, you are more likely to drink a Pepsi from your refrigerator
than to drive to the store to get a Coke. You choose the behaviour that takes less response effort.
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