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Chapter 8

Textbook Chapter 8

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Steve Joordens

Psychology Chapter 8: Memory Overview of Memory: -Memory: the cognitive processes of encoding, storing, and retrieving information -Encoding: the process by which sensory information is converted into a form that can be used by the brains memory system -Storage: the process of maintaining information in memory -Retrieval:the active processes of locating and using stored information -Donald Hebb: used this distinction to suggest that the brain remembered information in two different ways, a view known as dual trace theory -Sensory Memory: memory in which representations of the physical features of a stimulus are stored for very brief durations -Short-Term Memory: an immediate memory for stimuli that have just been perceived. It is limited in terms of both capacity (7 + 2 chunks of information) and duration (less than 20 secs) -Long-Term Memory: memory in which is represented on a permanent or near-permanent basis Sensory Memory: -Info that we have just perceived remains in sensory memory just long enough to be transferred to short-term memory Iconic Memory: -Iconic Memory: a form of sensory memory that holds a brief visual image of a scene that has just been perceived; also known as visual persistence Echoic Memory: www.notesolution.com
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