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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes - Part Seven

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Steve Joordens

A reddish green would have to be signalled by a ganglion cell firing slowly and rapidly at the same time (IMPOSSIBLE) Negative afterimage: the image seen after a portion of the retina is exposed to an intense visual stimulus; a negative afterimage consists of colours complementary to those of the physical stimulus Complementary items go together to make up a whole When ganglion cells are excited or inhibited for a prolonged period of time, they later show a rebound effect, firing faster or slower than normal Celeste McCollough (1965): discovered one type of contingent colour after-effect Dodwell and Humphrey (1990): suggested that the contour information of the grating acts somewhat like the opponent processes of colour. Also suggested that the different sensations are associated in a way similar to classical conditioning. Approximately 1 in 20 males has some form of defective colour vision (sometimes called colour blindness) Males are more affected than females because many of the genes for producing photopigments are located on the X chromosome (males only have one X chromosome, females have two;
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