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CH.5 Extinction - It is a process tht weakens operant behavior. Defining Extinction - A behavior tht had been reinforced for a period of time was no longer reinforced and behavior stopped occurring - Extinction occurs when a behavior tht has been previously reinforced, no longer results in the reinforcing consequences, and therefore, the behavior stops occurring in the future. - Skinner and then joined by Ferster demonstrated the principle of extinction with lab animals. When the pigeon in the exprmntl chamber no longer recvd food as a reinforce for pecking the key, the pigeon’s key-pecking behavior stopped. When the lab rat no longer rcvd food pellets for pressing the lever, the lever-pressing behavior decreased and eventually stopped - U don’t extinct a person but rather extinguish a behavior. U could put a behavior on extinction not a person. Extinction Burst - In the extinction process is tht once behavior is no longer reinforced, it increases briefly in frequency, duration or intensity before it decreases and ultimately stops is called extinction burst. Ex: a remote ctrl tht isn’t working - In an extinction burst, another characteristic is novel behaviors which are behaviors tht don’t typically occur in a particular situation which may occur for a brief period when a behavior is no longer reinforced. Ex; child crying at night. After parents stop going to her room (extinction), she cried for longer time and stopped (extinction burst) but she also screamed and hit her pillow (novel behaviors). - Novel behaviors during emotional bursts may include emotional responses as well. Extinction burst is a natural characteristic of an extinction situation, it’s not a conscious process Spontaneous Recovery - It is when a behavior may occur again even after it has not occurred for some time. It is the natural tendency for the behavior to occur again in situations tht are similar to those in which it occurred and was reinforced before extinction - If extinction is still place when spontaneous recovery occurs (if no reinforcement), the behavior will not continue for long. Ex: opening the back door to his apt, if it opens one day, his behavior of using tht door will be reinforced and he will more likely to try to use tht door again. Finding door open occasionally would be an example of intermittent reinforcement which would increase behavioural persistence or resistance to extinction in the future. Procedural Variations of Extinction - If a behavior is positively reinforced, a consequence is applied or added after the behavior. Therefore, extinction of a positively reinforced behavior involves withholding the consequence tht was previously delivered after the behavior. (when the behavior no longer results in
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