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Culture and the Meaning of Socialization Practices and Child Competence y parental socialization of emotion is a major influence in the development of childrens psychological competence y three parental behaviours that contribute to the development of socialemotional competence are 1 parents reaction to childrens emotions 2 discussion about emotion and 3 parental expression of emotion y without studying cultural variations we cannot understand the functional significance of childrens emotional behaviours y Nepali children are typically ignored or scolded when they act out or are angry but this does not seem to impair them as adults y what is perceived as endangering competence in one culture may be seen as beneficial in another y the way a parent reacts to a childs emotional expression reflects the socialization goals of that particular culture some parents want their children to be clingy others do notTribes and SuperTribes y the invention of farming was a simple yet profound change in human feeding behaviour that altered the whole course of mans progress in the world y at one point in time all humans acquired food through hunting animals males and gathering vegetables women y true farming began with the cultivation of 2 plants wheatbarley then later goats sheep cattle pigs y the creation of food surplus was the key that unlocked the gateway to civilization supporting more members than we required to find food y Age of Specialization people were
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