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Chapter 10

Chapter 10- COMPASS

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Chapter 10-
Race and ethnicity
1. Morton claimed to distinguish the skulls of black and white from the shape
2. Concluded only from 72 specimens
3. negro were womens, their bodies are smaller than mens.
Race, Biology, and Society
Peter Sandiford argues that immigrants who were bright were the only ones who
arrived in shore
The movie crash is an example of racism.
Ethnic and intermarriage has been increasing race is used to describe people in
terms of one or more physical markers
A scapegoat is a disadvantaged person
Race is to biology as ethnicity is to culture
A race is a socially defined category of people whose perceived physical markers are
deemed significant
Ethnic groups differ in terms of language, religion, customs, values, ancestors.
Determine the success: education, literacy, and financial assets.
People with the more power were the British origin.
Canadian and American Differences
Both countries, ethnic intermarriage is high
Foreign born and first generation remain
Change your social context and your racial and ethnic self-conception and eventually
changes to.
Members of a group may have a racial or ethnic identity, but outsiders may impose a
new label on them
Soviet Union was the biggest and one of the most powerful countries in the world
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