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Chapter 7

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Rotman Commerce
John Oesch

Chapter 7Management process of achieving organizational goals through people and other resourcesThree levels of firms management Top Middle Supervisory TopChief Executive OfficeChief Financial OfficerPremier Mayor Developing longrange plans new products purchase other companies and enter new geographical market Set direction and inspire executives and employees Strategic planning o Deciding on the primary objectives of an organization and then taking action and setting aside resources to achieve those objectives o Focus as a wholeSteps 1 Defining the organizations missionVisionmission statement a written description of an organizations overall business purpose and aimsRange of operations the market it will serve how different from competitors 2 Assessing your competitive position o SWOT analysisStrengths o StateoftheArt information systems o Economies of Scale o Patent Protection o Sales TeamWeaknesses o Lack of Managerial Depth o Logistics Limitations o Financing Constraints because of Debt Load o Dated production facilitiesOpportunities o New technologies o Strategic alliances with vendors o New markets o Extension of existing productsThreats o Changing buyer tasteso Enhanced competitiono Sole sourcing
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