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Chapter 4

Social Problems Chapter 4 Race and Ethnic Relations

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Chapter 3 Race and Ethnic Relationspeople who have the most difficulty accepting other races believe that race is biological black white and yellow species of peopleculture the way of life of a society that includes dress language norms of behaviour foods tools beliefs and folkloreThis framework of values and practices adapts to the changing sociohistorical context it is not something constant or permanentPorter charter groupsmelting pot modelcultural mosaictraditional multiculturalism or pluralism protects the rights of individualsmodern multiculturalismsurvival of diverse cultural groupsaffirmative actionentrance status the occupational status a group enters when it first immigrates to Canada chain migration successful migration of one family member creates a chain for the kin and community networkMigration is not random but is increasingly about networks rational choices and kinship relations pushpull factorsinstitutional completeness a measure of the degree to which an immigrant ethnic group gives its own members the service they need through its own institutions schools churches newspapersdiasporas the dispersal of any group of people throughout the world originally applied to the tribes of Israel Almost any migrant community with some degree of international heritage is referred to as diasporic prejudice a hostile or aversive attitude towards a
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