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Chapter 4

social problems chapter 4 notes

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Page 1 of 7 January 24 SP4 Gender Relations Introduction - sex (the biological distinction between male and female) is a universal and ancient basis of social differentiation o biological reality that women are child-bearing and physically smallerweaker than men has led to the widespread social practise of men as protectorsbreadwinners and women as procreatorscaregivers - this distinction varies among different societies show that women can be breadwinners and men can be caregivers - societies vary in the degree to which they make sex difference seem larger or small, important or unimportant - study of gender relations had almost no presence in the field of sociology before mid-twentieth century o not until growth of the feminist movement o pushed forward by the large-scale entry of women into higher education The Battle Over Gender Today - norms of masculinity are as much of an impediment to men as norms of femininity are to women o historically, however, women have suffered more disadvantages - for the last 30 years, sociologists have focused on social constructionism over biological essentialism to explain sexual inequality o recently, however, there has been a turn back to biological essentialism Defining Sexism and Gender Inequality - sexism discrimination and insulting attitudes and beliefs that stereotype people because of their gender o problem for both men and women, however as men have traditionally occupied the dominant role, sexism has harmed more women than men - gender inequality any difference between men and women in gaining access to valued societal rewards Sex and Gender - sex a biological concept that differentiates female and male o most people are (mainly) male or (mainly) female from the moment of conception, with biological difference between the sexes that are anatomic, genetic and hormonal o research has not revealed any direct link between genetics and the behaviour of each sex malefemale are not discrete biological categories, but more opposite poles along a continuum of sexual variation www.notesolution.com
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