SOC314 March 6th Swartz Reading

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8 Apr 2012
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Swartz, Family Capital and the Invisible Transfer of Privilege
- Powerful influence of family social class origins in shaping life chances
- Social class present into adulthood of children as social class determines what kind of resources
parents can pass on to their children
- Contemporary transition to adulthood in the United States has become increasingly complex,
prolonging and multifaceted
- One resource parents offer their children is time, parents provide their young adult children
with time in the form of help with such tasks as household choirs or child care
- Direct financial ad is also an other resource
- Parents with more resources have more to provide their children with, this allows for these
parents to give their children an advantageous position within the economy and in trying to
enter adulthood
- Family Resources and Social Reproduction
- Intergenerational class reproduction is more common than not
- Family capital- investments and efforts that can be mobilized to advance attainment and class
- Parental Assistance in Young Adulthood
- Young adults with more affluent families received a great deal more financial help than those
from less advantaged background
- Most common nonmaterial support was childcare
- Parent-Young Adult Support: Dependence and Interdependence
- Usually intergenerational support is parents to kids, but sometimes the opposite is the case
- Young adults are called on to assist their parents
- Usually the case with immigrant families, example younger children buy a house and the family
lives in it
- Siblings, Social Class and Social Support
- Intergenerational support significantly shapes life chances and social class attainment of young
- Differences in sibling SES outcomes are particularly evident in larger families and in families with
fewer resources
- Conclusions and Directions for Further Research
- Changing economy and expensive housing market result in young adults being dependent on
their parents for longer periods of time
- Assistance young adults are receiving to reach adulthood is private, some families are better
positioned than others to help their children