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Anthropology 4400E

Psychological Research Idea Knowing a person’s personality type and the traits they possess can often aid in predicting some specific behaviors they might carry out…And so, as you would probably expect, there are usually queues involved with that person and their environment, that might give away some of their characteristics. For example, if someone constantly spam texts their lover when they are out at night, one might infer that this person has trust issues. What is going to be of interest here though, is the relationship between hygiene and organization. More specifically, and tis’the reason I mentioned ‘queues’, I would like to investigate whether simply knowing if a person uses a toothbrush holder or not, can you induct that they have good organizational skills or tendency’s?As is obvious, using a toothbrush holder probably indicates someone that values hygiene, and having a clean room more often than not will signal organizational tendencies; both assumptions that have pretty direct links. Now I’m not talking about the kids whose
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