Training and Development Chapter 7 text book notes

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Nancy Platt

Chapter 7On The Job Trainingtrainee receives instruction at his or her workstation from a supervisor or an experienced coworkerMost common method of trainingApproachesoOn the spot lectureoViewed performanceFeedbackoFollowing Nellietrain a senior employee they train newer employeesoJob Aid Approachstep by step instructionsoThe training stepsystematically introducing the taskoSequencefollowing a planned sequence of the above approachesMost misused type of trainingoTrainers not given training on how to trainoLittle or no structureoPoor employees teach bad habitsoWorried new employees will take over jobs so teach them badlyTypes of On the Job Training1Job Instruction Trainingformalized structured and systematic approach to on the job training that consists of four stepsPreparationoBreaks down the job into small tasksoPrepares equipment and suppliesoAllocates time to learn each partoPreparation Part 2Put the trainee at easeGuaranteeing the learningBuilding interest and showing personal advantageInstructionoShow the trainee how to perform the joboRepeat and explain key points in detailHow parts fit into a larger systemoAllow the trainee to see the whole job againPerformanceunder trainers guidanceoAsk the trainee to perform less difficult parts of the jobEnsure initial successoAllow the trainee to perform the entire jobFollow UpoTell them where to find you if you need helpoGradually taper off instructionsTips for Trainers
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