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Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Research methods

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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

Chapter 4Research Methods Basic Components of a Research Study Hypothesis what you expect to find Research design aspects you want to measure in the people you are studying Dependent variable gets changed Independent variable does the changing acts on the dependent Internal validity extent to which we can be confident that the independent variable is causing the dependent variable to changedrug or alcohol consumption for ex External Validity refers to how well the results relate to things outside your studyHypothesis educated guesses about the worldinitial phase of a research study is hypothesis formationput it in words that are unambiguous and in a form that is testable importantno impactnull hypothesis predicts no relationship between alcohol and gambling for exampleTestabilityability to support the hypothesisDependent variable is what is expected to change or be influenced by the study Internal and External ValidityConfounddefined as any factor occurring in a study that makes the results uninterpretableControl Grouppeople are similar to the experimental group in every way except that members of the experimental group are exposed to the independent variable while those in the control group are notAnalogue Modelscreate in the controlled conditions of the lab aspects that are comparable to the phenomenon under the studysuch artificial studies help improve internal validityAnimal models have been developed on the basis of lab research with animal participants to explain various types of psychological disorders ratsGeneralizabilitywe want the results to apply to people other than the ones in the studyextent to which results apply to everyone with a particular disorder Statistical VS Clinical Significancegives a good explanation in lecture The Average ClientPatient Uniformity Mythleads researchers to make inaccurate generalizations about disorders and their treatmentsit would not be surprising if a researcher studying the treatment of self injurious behavior concluded that a drug was a good treatmentyet supposed we found that athough some participants did improve with treatment others actually got worse
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