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Chapter 12

HRM 2600 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Legal Intoxicant, Alcoholism

Human Resources Management
Course Code
HRM 2600
Indira Somwaru

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Chapter 12
Health and Safety – duties of employers/workers/supervisors
Duties of Employers
Provide a hazard free workplace.
Comply with statutes and regulations.
Inform employees about OH&S regulations.
Keep records and summaries.
Ensure supervisors and employees are familiar with hazards.
Report any accidents that cause injury and death.
Duties of Workers
Comply with all applicable acts and legislation.
Report hazardous conditions and defective equipment.
Follow all employer H&S rules, including the use of protective
The right to refuse unsafe work.
Duties of Supervisors
Advise employees of potential workplace hazards.
Ensure that workers use or wear safety equipment, devices and
Provide written instruction where applicable.
Take every reasonable precaution to guarantee the safety of
Methods for creating a safe work environment
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