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Work and Family

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HRM 3450
Ron Ophir

Chapter 10 Relevant Legislation USA • Equal Pay Act o Only addresses compensation in regards to sex based pay discrimination in organizations • Title VII o Useful in counteracting discrimination in all employment related matters, including compensation • Civil Rights Act • Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) o Prohibits employers from discriminating because of pregnancy or related medical conditions o Does not require pregnancy related benefits or leave o Requires employers treat pregnancy similarly to other to other temporary medical conditions • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) o Covers all employees  Provides time off, job security and continuation of benefits during personal illness, the illness of a spouse, parent or child; or the birth, adoption or placement of a foster child  12 weeks unpaid leave Canada • Employment Standards Act • Pay Equity Act • Human Rights Code  From the employer’s perspective, having a family is often perceived as a positive for men and a negative for women.  Women are viewed as less committed to work because of commitments to family  Men are viewed as more committed to work because of family obligations  The perceptions of men as breadwinners and women as unwilling, uncommitted workforce participants are persistent  Pregnant women are more likely to experience hostility when applying for masculine type jobs  Lawyer  Janitor  Surgeon Population, Participation and Education  Most women, with or without children of any age, married or unmarried, work outside the home.  Education level is an additional factor that affects women’s propensity to be in the workforce even if they have very young children o Face higher opportunity costs of staying at home that women with lower education levels  Lost of income  Lost of promotional and developmental opportunities Earnings  Married men were more likely to have been promoted single men but married women were less likely to have been promoted than single women.  Having preschool aged children was associated with higher promotion rates for men but lower promotion rates for women.  Never married, childless women had the highest rates of promotion.  Women with children earn 7% less per child  Mothers are seen as in competent and women with no children are seen as highly competent Part-time Work and Earnings  Contributes to lower earnings  PT work is associated with: o Fewer job rewards o Lower wages o Fewer benefits o Shorter career ladders Flexible Schedules  “Flextime”  Increases ability of employees to meet both their work and family needs  Employees may vary their start and stop times on a daily, weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis o Required to work a certain minimum
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