HRM 3470 Chapter Notes -Canadian Human Rights Commission, Labor Rights, Protected Group

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A valid selection system is a legal selection system. Constitutional law: supreme law in canada, most important law in canada, 1867, divides federal and provincial power, constitution act 1982, together creates canadian charter of rights and freedoms, rights and freedoms that canadians enjoy at all levels. If step 1 does not succeed, seek assistance from someone named under the organization"s human rights policy: file a company or union grievance against the practice believed discriminatory. If steps 1-3 do not work, the individual may file a complaint with the canadian human rights commission. The commission must then either approve or reject the settlement: after the complaint is filed, the commission may refer the complaint to human rights tribunal composed of not more than three members. The tribunal then investigates the complaint in a quasi-legal hearing. Both the complainant and the employer are permitted representation by legal counsel in this hearing.