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AU, AMERICANACCT-240Darlene SuprenantFall

ACCT-240 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Cash Cash, Direct Deposit, Promissory Note

OC7699855 Page
17 Jan 2016
Reporting and interpreting sales revenue, receivables and cash. Net sales (revenue) - cost of sales (cost of goods sold, cost of products. Growth requi
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GOVT-110 FA4 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Totalitarianism, Direct Democracy, Toleration

OC10752619 Page
1 Sep 2016
Chapter 1: american government: roots, context, and culture. Historians believe that the indigenous people migrated from present-day russia: debate ove
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AU, AMERICANECON-100 FA4John WilloughbySpring

ECON-100 FA4 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Opportunity Cost, Business Cycle, Marginal Utility

3 Page
21 Jan 2016
Economics is the study of how human beings coordinate their wants and desires, given the decision-making mechanisms, social customs, and political real
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AU, AMERICANBIO-240 FA5Tovah SalcedoSpring

BIO-240 FA5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4.1-4.6: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Ocean Drilling Program, Deep Sea Drilling Project

OC11688453 Page
20 Feb 2017
Abyssal clay - deep-ocean (oceanic) deposits containing less than 30% biogenous sediment. Often oxidized and red in color, thus commonly termed red cla
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AU, AMERICANSISU-240Nathan PaxtonFall

SISU-240 Chapter 6: Development as Freedom - Chapter 6

OC7699851 Page
17 Jan 2016
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AU, AMERICANACCT-241harrSpring

ACCT-241 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Operational Excellence, Enterprise Risk Management

OC7699852 Page
17 Jan 2016
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AU, AMERICANMATH-022mohamedahmedWinter

MATH-022 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: New York State Education Department, Buffalo Wing, Protractor

OC177238720 Page
18 May 2017
Developed and published by ctb/mcgraw-hill llc, a subsidiary of the mcgraw-hill companies, inc. , 20 ryan ranch road, monterey, california 93940-5703.
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AU, AMERICANACCT-241harrSpring

ACCT-241 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Finished Good

OC7699852 Page
17 Jan 2016
Used when a company produces a continuous flow of units indistinguishable from one another. Materials, labor and overhead aren"t identified with partic
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SISU-105 FA3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Kenneth Waltz, Collective Action, Power Politics

OC12222135 Page
11 Feb 2017
Sisu-105 - textbook note - wendt, anarchy is what states make of it. Wendt"s argument: how we perceive global politics is often the result of what word
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AU, AMERICANCOMM-100 FA4Dr.Christine LawrenceFall

COMM-100 FA4 Chapter 1: Understanding Media Chapter 1, Part 2

OC11601902 Page
25 Oct 2016
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AU, AMERICANECON-100 FA4wismanFall

ECON-100 FA4 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Limited Liability, Sole Proprietorship, Consumer Sovereignty

OC107526112 Page
11 Sep 2016
Institutions- the formal and informal rules that constrain human economic behavior. Market economy- an economic system based on private property and th
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AU, AMERICANCOMM-100 FA4Menchen- TrevinoSpring

COMM-100 FA4 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Understanding Media, Semiotics, Oligopoly

OC25087631 Page
18 Aug 2018
The process of interacting with media content and analyzing it critically by considering its particular presentation, its underlying political or socia
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