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Business Administration
BUSI 3623
Randall Balcome

The Kingston Maroons Corp usually known simply as the Maroons owns and operates both a hockey team by that name and the Kingston Arena The Maroons employ Gilbert Douglas who is the teams star player During a recent game Douglas was sent to the penalty box by the referee Unhappy with the referees decision Douglas slammed the penalty box door shut That caused the protective glass attached to the penalty box to shatter Cherie a fan who was sitting nearby was cut by the broken glass The evidence indicates that the accident was caused partly by Douglass carelessness in slamming the penalty box door shut and partly by the fact that the Maroons organization had carelessly installed the protective glass Both Douglas and the Maroons therefore committed the tort of negligence Which of the following statements is probably TRUE o The Kingston Maroons Corp is vicariously liable only if Douglas is personally liableWhich of the following statements is TRUE with respect to the doctrine of vicarious liability o While vicarious liability provides employers with more incentive to act carefully when selecting training and supervising employees it also tends to provide employees with less incentive to act carefully as they perform their jobsElise owns and operates a convenience store Because that store is located near a high school it loses a great deal of profit to shoplifting Last week Elise caught Hakan in the act of stealing a magazine She physically detained him and c
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