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Acadia University
Business Administration
BUSI 3623
Randall Balcome

Fabrizio works at the Silk Nights Lingerie Shop in Polo Park Shopping Mall in Winnipeg Despite being the stores leader in sales he was not Silk Nights most highly paid employee In an effort to draw public support for his demand for higher wages Fabrizio staged a picket inside of the mall when he was not working Susana who is employed by the mall as a security guard was directed to remove Fabrizio from the premises When he refused to leave voluntarily she firmly took hold of his arm and led him out onto the street Which of the following statements is TRUE o Susana was entitled to use reasonable force to remove Fabrizio from the premisesRegulations are in place at Torontos Pearson Airport to control the operation of taxi cabs Daniel simply ignored those regulations He was a persistent scooper who routinely picked up passengers at the airport even though he did not have a permit He was charged more than twenty times with trespassing but he simply shrugged off the finesThe airport authorities therefore decided to take more drastic measures During one of Daniels frequent visits an airport inspector attempted to make a citizens arrest A scuffle occurred after the inspector put his hand on Daniels shoulder and tried to detain him Daniel knocked the inspector down and fled the sceneThe airport inspector had acted under s 91 of the Trespass to Property Act which says that a police officer or the occupier of premises or a person authorized by the occupier may arrest without warrant any person he or she believes o none of the above
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