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Business Administration
BUSI 4623
Steven Enman

Week 3 Lecture 5 If you are injured on someones property or if someone is injured on your property they can sue you which is why you should have liability insurance which will cover youIf they take over the case they are most likely to settle but you dont want them to settle you want to be proven to not be at fault and not have to pay higher insuranceVicarious not just tortuous acts of employees but also business partners the also incur liability if they carry out their partnership duties then they can incur tort liability through vicarious liabilityIf they commit a tort deceit you can be liable for the tort but not the criminal aspect of it If the party who is the employee is not really an employee but an independent contractor then the person who hired the independent contractor cannot be held responsible you are liable for your employees because you hired trained and paid them and its your control and responsibility of their actionsAmount of money you owe to someone you are liable to Money you use to compensate them what happened how much damages you are responsible for compensate their lossesWhen another court makes a decision and a hierarchy of courtspersuasive courts federal provincial most casesThe only binding cases precedents are only top chain courts supreme court Sun
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