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Carleton University
LAWS 2502
Stacy Douglas

Lecture 11 March 26th Essay Things • Italicize legislation • Full name first time • Tenses, keep the same • Details, avoid vague sentences Review 1. Despite the racist legacy of the indian act • It offers different rights and accessibility if it isn’t there (still offers things) • Concern over what’s going to replace it and what’s going to • Civil and political rights aren’t going to do the transformative works in Canada 2. Some of the critiques of liberal rights as Eurocentric • Got rid of indigenous people’s rights (assimilated them into society) • Main thing was to “civilize” (we’re civilized and you are not, we need laws to govern you so you can be brought up to our standards) • Inherently christian (preamble to charter) • Marie Baptiste: different territorial negotiations and a problem came up • We see individuals connected to their watersheds, eating regimes and the arbitrary borders/ boundaries don’t work in conjunction with certain aboriginal world views 3. What is Glen Coulthard’s argument in “Subjects of Empire” • Role of Provincial ombudsman • Independent officer that reviews provincial administration (est 1975) • Investigates complaints from public about Ontario government services • 5 year renewable appointment • Powers delegated under the Ombudsman Act R.S.O, 1990 IT DOES NOT • Investigate complaints about private companies or individuals • Investigate complaints about the federal govt or court decisisns • In Ontario, their authority doesn’t extend to the MUSH sector • Municipalities • Universitites • School Boards • Hospitals • And also long term care factories, children’s aid societies and po • There hasn’t been that legislative power, Ontario never decided this o However March 24, provincial govt tabled new bill “Public sector and MPP Accountability and transparency act 2014” • Other ombudsman people do have the power to investigate these Powers of Ombudsman • Concerned with mal administration • Can launch inquiries even without complaints (ex: lottery tickets) • Don’t have to wait for complaint to be made to launch investigation • People who win stuff not getting told by people, ombudsman went to check out OLG • Can inspect govt buildings and documents • Can summon witnesses • Makes recommendations (has no power to enforce) • Makes annual reports (go back and review legislation) • Almost like an archivist of public complaint Horse racing, slot machines and Ontario government • March 2013, discussions about removing slot machines from horse tracks • Before decision was made, Ombudsman’s office had received 300 complaints (highest number of complaints they received about something) • Ombudsman’s office declared that they would not
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