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PHIL 2101
Gordon Davis

-Kantian Ethics • Consequences of non vaccination, for utilitarian's it is the bad consequences that explain the wrongness o Kant --> wrongness cannot come from material consequences, material things can't justify moral claims • Wrongness of not getting kid vaccinated is not consistent with what we should do in society  Wrongness is in inconsistency • Logic and consistency is objective, wants to capture it and keep it o What is the inconsistency when you call someone a hypocrite? o Hypocrisy is a loose notion • Criminal could call a judge a criminal -> "you wouldn't want to be treated like I am in my condition"  What if everyone broke promises? • Dangerous things and harmful things that may be disastrous if they continued on  Using Kant's argument, some countries are irrational and some are selfish • Idea of maybe a coalition of purely humanitarian countries acting according to norms that are stable and reputable?  What is the type of problem that will come about if everyone does it? • Mill, in the 19th century did not say "let's get well meaning powers like Britain wherever it will include happiness, there should be a norm of non- intervention between countries  In situations, Mill thought it would be better if we let countries develop according to their own timeframe • **Sensitive to the question, if everyone wrote the same way in international affairs, would society in general collapse, leading to wide scale problems? • Kant cares about human misery, source of wrong is that we can't have an international system that breaks the key norms, it is inconsistent and will unravel • Kant is a huge support of sovereign countries and Republics, leave doors open to international organizations that would do it properly • If we could have such an international organization, it could intervene, there are two people who use Kantian principles, they are Kantians, they think that the principles lead to intervention taking priority over national sovereignty  Consequentialists are a contemporary version of Utilitarian  Non-consequentialists deny that the ends justify the means -> Kant was this • People assume that if you go with Moral considerations, it is wrong and we should consider it • If you look at morality, prostitution is not good, but if
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