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Lecture 3

RELS 1002 Lecture 3: Lecture Notes: Judaism

Religious Studies
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RELS 1002
Alexander Treiger

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Lecture Notes: Judaism
September 12th 2018
What does the name “Judaism” mean?
o Judea land of the Jews (area around Jerusalem).
o The word Jew comes from Judean, which means someone from Judea.
o Comes from Judah (son of Jacob, and Jacob is the son of Isaac who’s
the son of Abraham). Jews believe that they are descendants of the
lineage listed above.
o Jacob has another name, Israel (which means someone who wrestled
with God). Jacob had a dream that he fighting with an angel and so he
received a message of the nickname in a dream.
o Israelites/Sons of Israel/People of Israel: descendants of Jacob
o Genesis, which is the first Hebrew bible.
Why is Jacob singled out?
o Sons of Israel went to Egypt for 400 years around the Pharaoh’s time
and they were essentially enslaved.
o There’s a leader that appears from within them names Moses who
frees the Jews and leads them to the Holy Land then named Cannon
now named Palestine/Israel.
o This story is called Exodus (Greek word)- which means the road out.
o After Exodus the Jews settle in Cannon.
o The place around Jerusalem had a temple built by King Solomon (10th
century BC). This temple became the center of religious activity.
The Covenant:
o Means agreement
o God has entered into agreement with specific people first and later on
the entire community of the sons of Israel.
o Agreement b/t God and humans with each party having obligations.
The human’s obligation is loyalty to the one God only.
o God introduces himself to Moses by saying I’m the god of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob.
o God offers protection, prosperity, etc.
o Covenant of Moses has a lot of conditions that the sons of Israel have
to do and cannot do---- called the commandments (Hebrew name:
Some of the commandments: which some observant people follow-not all.
o Sabbath (7th day of the week): one has to rest on this day. This goes
back to the creation story that God created the earth in 6 days and
rested on the 7th day.
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