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MKT 2210
Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

Chapter 13:Planning and organising personal work A job description specifies and describes the role and responsibilities of a particular job. It is a statement of the tasks,responsibilities and relationships involved in a given job. All employees should have a job description that specifies tasks,details responsibilities, sets authority limits, distinguishes accountability and outlines the organisational relationships that the job entails.The following sections should be included in a job description: (i) The identification of the job, including the job title, the department structure and the number of people doing the job. (ii) The purpose of the job – identifying its objectives in relationship to the overall objectives, e.g. to manage the purchasing section responsible for buying raw materials. (iii) The position in the organisation – indicating the relationships with other jobs and the lines of responsibility. Often an organisation chart is included here. (iv) The principal duties to be performed, with emphasis on key tasks and limits to the jobholder’s authority. A more detailed breakdown might be included which identifies specific tasks in terms of precisely what is to be done, with some explanation, both in terms of quantity and quality. (v) Responsibilities – a statement outlining any responsibilities for the resources e.g. staff and budgets. (vi) Job requirements and physical conditions – including details of noisy, dirty, dangerous conditions or pleasant office conditions and also hours of work, overtime, unsocial hours. (vii) Grade and salary range – details of the rate for the grade, incremental scales, piecework, bonuses and commissions. Additional benefits such as pension schemes and the provision of a company car would also be included in this section. (viii) Reporting structure – to whom the job
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