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Lecture 25

ADM2336 Lecture 25: Lecture 25-ADM2336

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Joanne Leck

Ch. 14- Organizational Culture and Change Lecture 25-ADM2336 Components of Culture Observable Artifacts Aspects of an organization’s culture that employees and outsiders can easily see or talk about - Symbols - Physical structures - Language - Stories - Rituals - Ceremonies Espoused Values - The beliefs, philosophies, and norms that a company explicitly states Basic Underlying Assumptions - Taken-for-granted beliefs and philosophies that are so ingrained that employees simply act on them rather than questioning the validity of their behaviour in a given situation A Typology of Organizational Culture - Solidarity— degree to which people think alike - Sociability— degree to which people get along General Culture Types - Fragmented- employees are distance and disconnected - Mercenary- “what’s in it for me?” environments - Networked- friendly but everyone does their own thing - Communal- friendly and all think alike Specific Culture Types - Customer Service Culture- focused on service quality - Safety Culture- focused on the safety of employees - Diversity Culture- focused on fostering or taking advantage of a diverse group of employees - Creativity Culture- focused o
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