ITA234H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Olindo Guerrini, Vittore Carpaccio, Ann Barr

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Published on 17 Feb 2016
Natalie Ianniello
October 27, 2015
Lecture #7 – Food and the Arts
Harry’s Bar:
It was in the middle of Venice
Harry’s Bar specialties:
- Bellini – name of the drink inspired by the Ventian painter Giovanni
- Carpaccio – transformed the name of another Venetian painter, Vittore
Carpaccio, into name of the dish
It was opened around the 1950’s
Painting Food:
Apple depiction – comes from latin malum which means apple or evil because
it comes from the story of adam and eve
When an apple is depicted next to an infant of Christ in a painting, it means
they are the redeemer of sins and human downfall
Food in Literature:
Tiramisu – literal translation “pick me up”, legends behind it included being a
pick me up between lovers, and the second was that male clients needed a
pick me up
Baci (1922) – made by Buittoni, during futurist and Mussolini rule. They
wanted to call them cazzotti (punches). Buittoni chose to call them baci in
contrast meaning kisses
Food Eros:
Risotto Milanese – no sexual reference here
Squid with peas – arranged marriage, cultural inclusivity
First used in an essay called “Cuisine Poseur” in a British magazine
Foodie” was not initially a compliment
The O@cial Foodie Handbook (Paul Levy, Ann Barr, 1984): “A Foodie is a
person who is very, very interested in food. Foodies are the ones talking
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