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Lecture 4 - Gender and the Concept of Cultural Construction

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

Lecture 4Gender and the Concept of Cultural Construction Tuesday January 31 2012 1113 AM Readings The Muslim woman The power of images and the danger of pity Lila AbuLughod PDF The Egg and the Sperm Emily Martin PDF Feeding Desire Ch 3 What is socialcultural constructionCultural constructionismhuman behaviour and ideas are best explained as the result of culturallyshaped learningBiological determinismbiological features such as genes or hormones are used to explain behaviour and ideas the opposite of cultural constructionismMen having better spatial skills than women and can therefore have more offspring biological determinismBoys and girls learn from their parents and others of how to behave cultural constructionism Socialcultural constructsA social construct is a concept or practice that is seen as natural commonsense essential timeless or Godgiven but which is really an invention an artifact of a particular cultureWe create social constructs through our choices in doing so we reinforce our own worldviewGender is an example of a social construct men are like this women are like thatwe created this it is a social construction
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