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Wednesday September 12, 2012

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Laura Jane Wey

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Wednesday September 12, 2012
In The Beginning
Order of creation:
Chaos (dark and formless void) -> heavens and earth
Night (goddess) and brother Erebus, the Depth
->Eros (most powerful god, god of love)
-is just one version, also supposed to be Aphrodite's son
-note: Eros is a dark, earthy force that pre-dated the gods
Gaia (Earth-mother) and Uranus (Sky-father/starry sky), Uranus is considered to be Gaia's son
-brought together by Eros to create "first births of time"
-3 hundred-handed sons who were huge and "terrifying to look upon," thus were hidden
under the earth
-3 Cyclopes who were less scary (smaller) than the first 3 sons, but whom were master
smiths. Were also buried by their father in the earth
-note: Gaia is the earth, thus locking the children in their mother
-12 titans (6 boys/girls)"endowed with beauty and majesty"
-weary of her husband's cruelty, Gaia appealed her sons to scare him away with
"a sharp sickle of adamant, the hardest of stones." Only Cronus, the youngest
and bravest dared to do so and managed to maim his father, "severing the
embrace between of Sky and Earth." He then took , is father's place as ruler of
the entire worlds but did not free his buried brothers.
The 6 brothers married the 6 sisters
Cronus = Rhea
-produce most famous batch of Greek gods: Hestia (v), Poseidon, Demeter, Hades, Hera,
-because afraid that what happened to his father could happen to him, he
swallows his children
-Rhea takes youngest baby, Zeus, and replaces him with a stone in
swaddling cloth

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Zeus gives his father a powerful herb that makes him omit out
his siblings
-starts a war between the titans and the younger
generation of gods
Participants in the war between titans and the Olympian gods
Zeus has no knowledge of his family history and needs to be informed by Prometheus
about the hundred-handed and Cyclopes
-Gaia ("let him who would conquer in the war first set free those imprisoned in Tartarus")
-referring to her children who have not been freed
Geographic Layout of the Universe, According to Greek Mythology
Air and sky - Zeus
Mount Olympus - co-ruled by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades
Earth (dry land) - co-ruled by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades
Sea (Mediterranean) -Poseidon. Does not include "stream that girdles the earth," which is ruled
by Oceanus <- Atlantic
Realms under the Earth - Hades
Genealogy: The younger Olympian Gods (Zeus' companions and their children)
[Metis] (advisor) = Athena (v)
-Metis was swallowed whilst pregnant and gives birth to Athena inside of Zeus
-Athena bursts out of Zeus' head fully grown and armored
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