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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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Majorie Rubright

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Lecture 7 0310Monday October 03 20111143 AMQuestions for Next time Taming of the ShrewWhat does Induction 1 and Induction2 do to shape our understanding of the central action of the playWhat is the relationship of the Inductions to the central story of Kate and PetruccioDoes it change your understanding of Kate Lecture outlineTwists on Petrarchanism Mercutios mock blazon and The sonnet between Romeo and Juliet The Plays Structuring DoublesFilms LanguageHow to read a Film Vocabulary How to Read a Film PracticeDiscussions How is the film telling the story in its particular language What does the film open up about the text that you hadnt noticed or considered before How to read a film Key Concepts Semiotics a system of signs and codes that create meaning Sometimes works differently in film The codes in film are the medium through which the message is conveyed Connotative meaning whats implied what surpasses denotation ie a black cat connotative meaning is bad luck can ramify and amplify meaning Denotative meaning the literal representation of the word ie pricked by Cupids bow CM penis DM actually struck by Cupid Paradigmatic connotation when are sense
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