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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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HLTB01 Lecture 9July 12/10
Govt aging in place (program) to help assess the functioning in elderly
Hot in clevelend new show Betty White wore a track suit some lady said whats the
deal with old people wearing track suits she replied im dressed for the bathroom need
to be comfortable
Benjamin Button born as an old man and became a baby in the end of his life people
wish that we could live life like that wake up in an old age home and feel better every day
We have a fear of aging fear of unknown what awaits us in the end
Current events:
Issues of safety in the elderlys homes
Commercial aircraft with 131 passengers made an emergency landing in WInnpeg after a
woman tried to open the emergency hatch plane was on route to Halifax from Calgary
47 yr old assaulted a 77 yr old passenger Loretta Mortim was arrested and faces several
Canada has been 2nd in an international comparison of health system performance did
worse in a survey of 7 countries done by the common wealth fund Canada faired the
worst when in comes to quality of care in 6th place when it comes to efficiency and 5th
when it comes to access and equity
could be because Canada has been very slow to implement electronic record systems
dont really use electronic records dont have info readily available in computerized form
waiting, time, preventive, care and procedures cannot use electronic means about
warning their paitents about adverse drug reactions when they find out about them
australia, new Zealand, the UK, germany and the Netherlands all did better than Canada
Rates of rumatory arthritis learning that nearly 60% of people here in Ontario are not
being given quick access to a specialist RA is a debilitating, chronic illness that will cause
inflammation of numerous joints and connective tissue is affected develops in old age
degernative changes due to wear and tear people od all ages can suffer from RA more
prevalent inn elderly wmen are twice as more likely 60% of peole are not getting
referred uick enough to a rumatologist specialist
42% of women
study at st mikes showed that yojunger owmen than 45 are less likelt to see a
SES women from low income households are less likely to see a specialist than those
with higher
location people in remote areas are less likely
only have 350 rumatologists in Canada very small amount also include people who do
research only and dont see patients
a lot of family drs who dont recognize the symptoms of rumatologist
lynn robinson 45 failed to get an early diagnosis and treatment couldnt work or
manage at home the pain became worse couldnt dress herself brush her teeth off
work and in pain the dr dismissed that it was arthritis she pushed to see a specialist
now on treatment and can do her daily activities
othe form of treatment is OT and PT to provde mgmt of musculoskeletal systems
only 15% of RA people are referred for therapy
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