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Chapter 8 Notes

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Management (MGH)
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Lecture NotesChapter EightChapter ObjectivesWhy and how organizations teach values and goalsThe impact of this training on attitudes and behaviorsWhat is strong culturehow are they built and maintainedWhat are the potential downsides to a strong cultureSocial Influencedependence on others in the organization sets the stage for influenceTwo types of dependenceInformation DependenceReliance on others for information about how to think feel and actNew employees often compare their own thoughts feelings and actions with others to check their accuracy Am I thinkingfeelingacting the right wayEffect DependenceIndividuals are dependent upon the effect of their behaviors consequences as determined by the rewards and punishments of othersoThe group has a vested interest in how its members think and act as this affects the groupoGroup members often desire the approval of the groupGroup rewards and punishments includePraise friendship helping hand inclusion rewardsNagging harassment name calling social isolation punishmentsConformity with group normsThree types of conformityComplianceConformity with social norms driven by the desire to acquire rewards or avoid punishmentsMember does not really subscribe to the norms eg PrisonerIdentificationConform because they find other supporters of the norm attractive and they identify with these supportersMay lead to imitation dress like boss
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