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Intro to Unions and Labour Relations

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Management (MGH)
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MGTC53Ted MockIndustrial RelationsIntroduction to Unions and Labour RelationsWhat is a unionOrganization the represents employees interests to management on such issues as wages work hours working conditionsLegally sanctioned by the Ontario Labour Relations ActWhy do employees join unionsDissatisfied with certain aspects of jobFeel lack of influence with managementmanagement doesnt listenUnion is seen as way of solving their problemsJob insecurity health and safety issues wage reductions arbitrary treatment by managementAre required to join as a condition of employmentOld sayinga company gets the union it deserveswhat does that meanHistory of Labour Movement in Canada more than is in the textEarliest unions 1812shippingshipbuilding lumber NS and NBprinters shoe makers tailors in Toronto and MontrealUnions illegal until 1872were considered to be in restraint of trade under the Combines Act1872Trade Unions Act and Criminal Law Amendment Actdecriminalized unions Trade Unions Actunions not unlawful just because they were in restraint of tradeCriminal Law Amendment Actpermitted peaceful picketingIndustrial Disputes Investigations Act IDI1907Required disputing parties union and management to appear before a conciliation board prohibiting strikes or lockouts before the conciliation board hands down its reportLandmark Snider Case1925limited federal jurisdiction of labour laws to federal employees banks transportation airlines etcProvinces developed labour legislation for provincially chartered organizations1935USthe Wagner Actlandmark legislationcopied by Canada1
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