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Management (MGT)
H Laurence

Chapter 7 -Levels of Management 3 basic levels Senior, Middle, First line management. (In most, middles are a lot than seniors, and more first-line managers) 1. Senior Managers The small number of executives – guide the fortunes. (President, vice-president, treasurer, CEO, CFO) Board of directors, shareholders for its OVERALL performance and effectiveness For long-range plans for the company. 2. Middle Managers Responsible for implementing the decisions made by top managers. (If top decide to cut off 12%, these people decide what to reduce or increase for products) (Plant manager, operations manager, division manager) 3. First-Line Managers Supervising work of employees. (Supervisor, office manager, group leader) (they interact with suppliers and internals) Areas of Management (Marketing, Finance, operations, HR, information) Marketing managers: development, pricing, promotion, distribution of G/S. They are responsible for getting products and services to buyers. (Marketing is important to firms who deal with consumer products There even are vice-president of marketing, regional marketing managers (mid), several district sales managers (first-line managers). Financial managers: investments/ accounting. Vice-president for finance (senior), division controller (middle), accounting supervisor (F-L). Effective financial management is the company’s reason for being for some companies. Critical area. Operations Managers: Responsible for production control, inventory control, quality control, among other duties. (EX. Manufacturing companies: Vice-P, Plant manager (mid), foremen or supervisor(F-L). HR managers Provide assistance to other managers when they hire employees, training them, evaluating their performances, and determining their com
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