BIO130H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Basal Lamina, Connective Tissue, Plant Cell

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28 Mar 2019

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BIO130 Lecture 24 28/03/2019
Plant cell wall
Plant cells produce and deposited their cell wall
More rigid than the ECM of animal tissue
Composed of
o Cellulose
o Pectin
Junctions between plant cells
Cells sharing the cell wall
o Cell membrane of the bottom cell is continuous with the cell membrane of
the top cell
Annulus ring of cytosol
o As cytosol moves up to the top cell, other cytosol moves down to bottom
Cells are sharing a lot of things, but they remain separate cells
These characteristics are not found in animal cells
Tissues are composed of cells and extracellular matrix
Epithelial tissue lines surfaces, cavities and organs
o E.g. epidermis is the epithelial tissue of the skin
Basement membrane
o Aka basal lamina
o Specialized extracellular matrix
Connective tissue
o Has a lot of extracellular matrix
o Cells are spaced far apart
E.g. intestinal lining, skin epidermis
e.g. bone, tendon
Cells closely associated
Cells are rarely connected
Limited ECM (a thin basal lamina)
Plentiful ECM
Cytoskeletal filaments provide resistance
to mechanical stress
ECM provides resistance to mechanical
Cells are attached to each other
Cells are attached to the matrix
Extracellular matrix
Connective tissues:
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