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Western University
Psychology 1000
Laura Fazakas- De Hoog

Chapter 11 PRACTICE EXAM QUESTION Q If you designed a test to assess verbal intelligence using only visual spatial skillsrepeatedly found that the test produced the same results time after time the test would be considered to haveA Good reliabilityB Good construct validityC Poor content validityD Both A and B aboveE Both A and C above Q According to research intelligence tests have the best predictive validity for predictingA secondary school grades 6 correlation B university gradesC college grades D job performanceE All of the above equallyMOTIVATIONa process that influences the direction persistence and vigor of selfdirected behaviourTHEORIES OF MOTIVATION DRIVE THEORY and HOMOESTASISHOMEOSTASISthe body strives to maintain an internal physical equilibrium EXPECTANCY THEORY and INCENTIVESpull of external stimuli that have a high value to the individualIntrinsictask is really rewarding in itself vs Extrinsic rewarding externally example being paid for something motivation increasing external reward for behaviour makes the behaviour less intrinsically rewarding less rewarding for its own sakeBEHAVIORAL THEORIES WHAT MOTIVATES BEHAVIOROperant ConditioningMaximize positive consequencesminimize negative consequences if behaviour is followed by positive consequence you will more likely do it in future and vice versa with negativeHUMAN DRIVES BIOLOGICAL DRIVESSurvival relatedHungerThirstSexual Drives UNCONSCIOUS DRIVESFreudian Theory SELFACTUALIZING DRIVESHumanistic and Existential theoriesNeed for achievement SOCIAL DRIVES
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